The Ceramic Process

      For more than 40 years, the Ceramic Industry has been based in Lampang. The process by which progression was measured took quite a long time to evolve. In the beginning, the production was done completely by hand. Today, that is no longer so.

There are five main steps in the manual production process, as follows:

  1. Preparation , including Clay Fermentation, Clay Kneading
  2. Molding
  3. Making up that can be separated into 3 kinds: Scratching, Fretwork, and Molding with liquid clay.
  4. Drying: Natural drying takes 15-30 days in Summer and more than 30 days in Rainy Season.
  5. Firing: It can be separated into 3 levels of fire: Low Fire (200-300ºC), Middle Fire (300-900ºC), High Fire (900-1,300ºC). After the pottery has been sufficiently air-dried, it will be fired in a kiln using the traditional firewood method. A three-step firing method is applied starting with a low firing of 400ºC for 12 hours, followed by a 900ºC setting for another six hours, and then a 1000ºC setting for another six hours to achieve an antique finish. If the buyer requires a dark red finish, the final stage of firing will be increased to 1280 ºC.