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We have a full set for your restaurant.  An easy steps to buy a Blue & White Thai tableware (Pineapple Hand painted design)
1. order
2. Add to cart
3. Check your ORDER again or basket. You can update basket if you need to change your order and complete the CUSTOMER DATA and the PAYMENT METHOD
4. Check out and your order will be sent to us for process
         The price is FOB Bangkok price with a wood create packing. We can ship to your country by the Sea freight LCL and Air freight door to door. For any enquiry please contact by phone 66819525872 Email :  On receiving your order we will calculate the SHIPPING COST and the ORDER TOTAL amount. We will then contact you by email with the INVOICE, delivery time, and payment instructions.
         On your confirmation of order, you have to make the payment as per your choice to our account. We will confirm receipt of payment and inform you the exact shipping date.

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Products List : Blue & White tableware(Ceramic ware)

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